Overlapping Columns in Elementor (2019)

This tutorial teaches you how to create overlapping columns in Elementor. I suppose you all have seen something like that already. Block of content having an image on the left or right-hand side, and then text box on the opposite side, while the text box is covering part of the image. How to do that in Elementor? Maybe you already know how-to but you just do it the harder way. Maybe you don’t and wanna learn. Either way, I’ll show you how I do it. I’m sure it’s the easiest one because it doesn’t include any additional CSS code, negative margin hack, or whatsoever. Do these Elementor columns overlap for real or not? Sure they do - in a visual sense, but technically they actually don’t. As a part of this tutorial, I will also demonstrate a couple of non-working methods, all with an intention to provide a responsive-proof and rock-solid solution that actually does work for all.
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