Ultimate member plugin tutorial : How to build member sites using ultimate member

Ultimate member plugin tutorial: How to build membership sites using ultimate member plugin. Learn how to set up membership sites by customize user profiles, add form fields, use condition logic and add directories to your wordpress sites. Follow a step by step guide on building your wordpress site using the ultimate member plugin 1. Install and activate your ultimate member plugin from the wordpress dashboard. 2. Enable member registration and general setup of the plugin. 3. Assign User roles based on the type of members you want on your wordpress website. 4. Customise member profiles by adding form fields and conditional logic to design what member profiles should look like. 5. Install a directory, add a search form and search filters. Also check out a lightweight comparison between ultimate member and buddypress to see if will suit your wordpress site. Check out the most cost effective and qualitative web hosting for your wordpress website to get you started
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