Wordpress Headless CMS, GraphQL, and Nextjs - Let's Build a Blog - 2021

Wordpress, GraphQL, and Next.js....oh my!! Did you know you can use Wordpress as a Headless CMS for your Jamstack applications? Wordpress often gets a bad reputation in modern Web Development, but it still plays a major role in the Web ecosystem. With the WPGraphQL plugin, you can use your Wordpress instance as a Headless CMS and access your data in Next.js using GraphQL. Host Wordpress with Hostinger. EXCLUSIVE COUPON (90% off) - https://www.hostinger.com/james Wordpress + Nextjs Starter - https://github.com/colbyfayock/next-w... Colby Fayock YouTube (Community Shoutout) - https://youtube.com/channel/UC7Wpv0Af...
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After Greek Army, I started with QBasic in QL, a computer brother of Spectrum, 2 Degrees, almost 2 Certificates, from GWBasic to Oracle Tech & IBM tech & Solaris Clusters, at almost 60s to CMS tech.