How To Make A Social Media Website Like Facebook With WordPress & BuddyBoss 🔥NEW🔥-2021

In this tutorial I show you how to create a social media community website like Facebook with WordPress and BuddyBoss. We will monetize the website by adding ads, affiliate links, selling products and courses while at the same time you bring people together with your website so they can learn things about what you teach on your social media website. We will install the BuddyBoss plugin and the BuddyBoss theme on our WordPress website, add widgets to the news feed page, configure the member page, add groups, forums, link groups, and forums, add a webshop and sell products, add courses, free and paid. We will add gamification so people are motivated to be active on your website so they can earn points and ranks. We will let people buy things with the points they earn on your website and add a leaderboard. We will monetize the Social media website using Google Adsense, affiliate links, sell products, courses and offer memberships so people pay a certain amount of money per month/year to have access to everything you have to offer on your website.
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