Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress for FREE - WordPress WhatsApp Chat Integration - [Updated 2020]

Add WhatsApp chat to WordPress website. In most of the cases, I receive inquiries from many of my clients how to add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress website for free or which is the best WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress and I simply reply that adding WhatsApp Chat to WordPress website is totally free. Hence, in this video, I’m gonna show you how to integrate WhatsApp chat to your WordPress website which works both on Desktops and Mobile phones. No matters are you are using a MacBook or a Windows PC if you are on an Android Phone or using an iOS device. WordPress WhatsApp chat works perfectly. And adding WhatsApp to WordPress is really a good option to interact with your website visitors in real-time and convert them to your customers. Here, you just need to generate a Javascript code for your WhatsApp number and add that Javascript code to your WordPress website. That’s all. WhatsApp chat code website:
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