Create A Social Media/Community Website Using PeepSo

Using the Peepso Plugin within WordPress you can create your own social media or community website that can bring people digitally together and at the same time make you a decent amount of money! The great thing about the Peepso plugin is that it comes with so many additional features and you can decide which features you will use on your website so you don't have to install plugins that you don't use and make the website a bit slower. You pick the Peepso addons you want and in this Peepso tutorial, I show you how to configure it! So in this Peepso tutorial, I show you how to install Peepso and the Gecko theme. Those work perfectly together and are made by the same people. Then we cover the basics of posting something on your feed. We will extend that with the possibility of posting images, uploading videos, posting Youtube videos, and deciding who should see the post. We will talk about the community. Add friends or follow people. Like profiles. Chat with other members. Creating and joining groups that dive deeper into certain subjects. I will show you how to adjust the registration form so people have to fill in more information in order to become a member.
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