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Friday, 12 July 2024

On how to offer Online Education

Posted On Tuesday, 28 April 2020 15:20 Written by
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How to offer? It depends on the type of Education. If it is about Programming, it is a practical material you must preset practical info. If it is about another topic you may use PowePoint and speak as you speak to one of your friends. You may have music or not, you may have short or big paragraphs or videos or audio. After the article about some budget LMS's, I'd like, in this article, to give some info on how we must deliver Online Education.

There are some basic principles, on how to offer Online Education:

  • Do what others do, what is popular, for example, WordPress is very popular 
  • Validate that the content is popular, now in April 2020 everyone wants an Online School
  • Do it with love, start from this that  you love
  • keep mental space
  • cooperate with one or more person to obtain expertise and gain the needed time to learn
  • if you can not do a task  outsourced it
  • have time for your family

Also, read this article with Tips On Creating An Online School

What is popular in order to know how to offer online education

You can validate the demand of the content by Google (keyword search), or on how many students are following the course in Udemy, e. t.c. There are a lot of services performing SEO research, and you can learn what people want and where. In general, you must solve problems with online education and you must help the people.


Online lessons on how to offer education

First I 'm going to give info about  a school (between others) that gives lessons on how to deliver:


ACS Online School on how to offer Online Education

ACS Online School follows the link. In principle is a good school to learn how to teach, if you are not a tutor.


Education Courses follow the link

Course on Delivering Distance Education follow the link


Udemy, Phil Ediner on how to offer Online Education

There are also a lot of good courses in many other places. I just want to mention the course from Udemy

of   Phil Ediner, it is really excellent.


Closing the article, I add this link on   Communication Skills

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