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Sebastian Failla

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Monday, 17 August 2020 10:38

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My story

When I was in college, the nights I was working to the company of my stepfather. I was carrying tins of cheese from big trucks to the big refrigerators, night by night. I finished college later than other people.  At 55  I migrated with my family to Russia, in Greece which was an economical crisis I was not able to find work. I learned WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. I made this site for all the people who are old horses that must be killed.  The people who want to work and they don't know how to learn, from where to start. They don't have time to search and not money to pay. Imagine a woman who stops the work for the small kits, an old horse like me, there are so many cases. Now I am around 60 (2020), on 2019 I started the and now one year later is ok and this is my offer to society.

My message

You know every site has a message behind it. The developer made the site and the author of the content (or authors) is delivering the message to the readers. I  believe that the knowledge of Open Source Software is FREE. To read the documentation is FREE. For many many issues that need support, there are forums, videos, online lessons, and more also FREE. So we present this FREE info also FREE. When you buy a course you buy TIME and SUPPORT. The author covers a topic and helps you to understand even by answering questions or correcting your code.

There are a lot of sites that are helping FREE. 

Many Online Schools or Companies or Individuals are publishing Intro courses in order to market the more advanced lessons and to help you. There is an industry that aims to big traffic but also this helps you.

Your work

You must read and practice. Not only from this small site but from the web. You must fight for your income, your family, or your future family. I believe in God and this is the source that gives me the power to walk and to work. If you are studying and practice with consistency you will be a CMS developer, you can find a job, just don't stop. Just learn and work with love

I wish all the best to my readers

Tutorials Point India




These are two video lessons about Communication Skills from Tutorials Point India. These are very important to every human because in a company are working many people and must exist a way to work together and to communicate.  Personality must be able to express him/herself. In order to have communication skills must be educated. This education starts at home and after school but again some people are not able to communicate and need help.

Ith bad Communication training, you pass the wrong message you may have problems and sometimes destroy your career. You must be able to express yourself to understand and also to protect yourself. There are moments where the wrong use of the language or an incorrect message creates a lot of problems and then is reflected in the way that a company operates and this means a lack of possible customers or money or proper personnel.

You must know how to communicate and learn the necessary skills and of course the policy of communication in your company the culture of your company. In some cases, people are trying to use you in order to make their career, you must be able to communicate to set the limits, none is going to help you, and believe me, you will not work with angels but with many different kinds of people. The important is that you can learn if you want even at bigger age. 

So watch the below videos, and read articles from the web, and watch videos from channels of Youtube, or even buy books and courses from various Online Schools, that have a good reputation with valid testimonials. Schools like Udemys has many courses, My friend is up to you, improve yourself.


Communication Skills

Learning Communication Skills


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