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David Utke

How to start a blog with Google's Blogger. Complete step 1 to done tutorial. I've been using blogger, (formally known as blogspot) for the past month and I think it's the perfect blogging platform for a specific person. Get your domain name here If you're looking for a constantly updated blogging platform where you have good control over the post tile, meta description and the various elements of on-page SEO and you want free hosting for your blog, take a look at blogger. The original blogging platform, it's been outdone by WordPress which is much better if you're looking to build a high traffic, sellable asset. But if you're like me and want a personal spot to blog about a specific topic, have no intention of ever selling your blog and are fine with it being a fun, passive income side project then blogger is great. In this blogger tutorial video, you're show how to get started with creating a blogger blog. How to setup a custom domain, themes, back end setting as well as limitations.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 17:52

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners

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Axl Mulat

Welcome to the Blogger Tutorial for Beginners 2017 series In this part 1 i will introduce of the tutorial, we will create a blog using, we will step by step on the CMS on how to use, how to add a post, pages, adding contact form, adding widget and many more. Later on this video tutorials we will talk about making money on blog, I strongly suggest watch all videos and don't skip, stay tune.

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Check out our Blogger Tutorial for beginners, which will give you a step-by-step process for creating a Blogger blog from scratch with a custom domain name. Blogger is not a difficult platform to learn, but it can be helpful to get a short free Blogger course before you get started. My goal is to give you the keys to sign-in to Blogger, create your Blog, set-up your domain name, learn about writing Blog Posts, understand Blogger themes, install your own Blogger themes, and customize your Blog so you can continue to grow it and earn from it with Google AdSense.


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