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Monday, 30 September 2019 16:48

Characteristics of Drupal (2019)






Characteristics of Drupal

Drupal is the less popular is more difficult but has the best reputation, the below are it is main characteristics to learn it demands more time and effort, but if you love it to do it. If not it is ok. In the article, I  include the 19  main characteristics of Drupal, of course, it has more elements but you can read articles, see videos buy books, and course. If you want to learn about Drupal and its man characteristics you must read and play with it.




Comparing with WordPress is difficult

--- little difficult

Drupal is less popular

--- less popular (3,4 % CMS market)

It is FREE

--- Free

It is secure an important Drupal characteristic

--- most secure 

more main characteristics are:

It includes Cache functionality, main characteristic

--- Includes Cache functionality

It has its own Post Types also this is an important Drupal characteristic

-- includes post types

It includes deactivated Forum

---includes forum

It is proper for big and small projects

--- proper for  big scale projects

more  characteristics of Drupal are:

It is written in PHP

--- written in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS 

It uses responsive templates

--- templates using Bootstrap 

It has free plugins and Themes

--- it has less of free Plugins & Templates

It is difficult to write a Theme or modify a Theme comparing with WordPress

--- it is using for every theme part a copy of the base theme file with the new modifications

It uses SEO links

–- it uses SEO URLs

Drupal is light

–- it is  light (faster)

more characteristics of Drupal  are:

Like WordPress, we can secure and optimize it via .htaccess

-– it includes SEO functionality , Optimization & Security to edit .htaccess

Comparing with WordPress has less community support

--- less  community support (since is less popular)

It is mobile friendly

-- Mobile-friendly (characteristic of Drupal)

Drupal can be used for a blog or e-shop

-- Blogging 

-- Ecommerce


Characteristics of other CMS'

For WordPress

For Joomla

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