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We’re going to install Google analytics in just 2 parts Part 1: Create an account in Google Analytics. So to create an account, click here analytics.google.com And click ‘Start Measuring’ ► Enter your account name and then click ‘Next’ Now, Select ‘Web’ ► Click ‘Next’ ► Enter your site details and then click ‘Create’ Once you have created your account, you can go to the next part Part 2: Adding Google Analytics to your website So to add your google account, we are going to do 3 steps. Step 1: Install the google plugin on WordPress Go to WordPress Dashboard ► Plugins ► Add New Search for a plugin ‘site kit by google’ and click ‘Install’ Once you have installed the plugin, we can go to the next step Step 2: To set up the Google plugin So to set up the plugin, click ‘Start setup’ ► ’Sign in’ (to your google account) Click ‘Allow’ then click ‘Proceed’ Once you have signed in with your Google account Click ‘Allow’ ► Click ‘Add Site’ So now we have successfully set up the plugin Next, we can go to the final step Step 3: Connect the Google Analytics account which we created with our website Once you connect, you will be able to see your site’s data, So to connect, go to analytics ► Click ‘Connect service’ And then sign in to your google account Now click ‘allow’ ►and then click ‘Configure’ And the google analytics will be connected to your website So now Google will start capturing your site’s data, and you will be able to see them right away So how can you see the performance details & can use them? To see the performance details, Go to your WordPress dashboard ► Site kit ► Analytics And you can see all the performance stats from your site like The number of users, who have visited your site, in the last 28 days, and a graph of those users, for each day of the month. The average time, they are spending on your site. The pages on your site, which is getting the most number of views. And different sources of traffic to your website. So this is how you can know the source of traffic on your website. Next, let's see how your site is performing on google search results. Once you setup the google site kit plugin on your site, your site will also be connected with the google search console. Now with the help of google search console, you can see things like: The position/rank at which your site, is appearing on google. And which keywords people are searching for, before reaching your site. The number of times people have clicked your website link on Google The number of times your website has appeared on google search results So to see how our site performing in google search results Go to Site kit ► Search console Here you will be able to see the performance of your site, on google search. So that’s it guys This is how you can Install Google Analytics on your site.

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