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Monday, 23 August 2021 21:33

WP Backup

Backup and Migration of WordPress


Part1 Official Documentation 

Your WordPress site consists of the following:

  1. WordPress Core installation
  2. WordPress plugins
  3. WordPress themes
  4. Images and files
  5. JavaScript, PHP, and other code files
  6. Additional files and static web pages

Access the database

Backup your Database   (Official Documentation)


Automatic Backups #Automatic Backups

Various plugins exist to take automatic scheduled backups of your WordPress database. This helps to manage your backup collection easily. You can find automatic backup plugins in the Plugin Browser on the WordPress Administration Screens or through the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Backup Resources #Backup Resources

Backup Tools #Backup Tools

Part 2  What to backup in summary

Usually, we need to backup:

the database

the directories

  • wp-admin,
  • wp‐includes,
  • wp-content,
  • all files in root dir that are outside of dirs


Part 3  The most secure and easy way

Just use the backup of the hosting company, it is a Linux or Win program that has been tested millions of times.

Part 4  Some popular plugins

 This is my recommendation.

Backup plugin


Part 5   Migration

a) Manual

We take a backup of Part2 material.

With Notepad++ or another editor, we edit the database file, and we change the URL to match the new one. We save and import to the new database.

We restore to the new hosting the backup files. We can use Filezilla or the Upload functionality of our GUI (Plesk e.t.c.).

We access the database according to

Access the database

b) with the plugin Duplicator

We install Duplicator to the Source site.

We run it and we download 2 files.

We create the database to the destination site.

We upload the two files.

We execute the install.php


We follow the instructions. 

see the


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