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Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free!

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These are the 10 best websites to learn how to code. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code to create computer software, apps or websites, there are tons of places on the internet that will teach you the skills to get started and many of them are free. In this video, I’ll show you 10 of the best coding websites where you can learn how to code for free. This video will primarily focus on the top websites for beginners, in no particular order, to learn the absolute basics of programming.
“Useful Websites” Playlist freeCodeCamp The Odin Project CodinGame Upskill w3schools Khan Academy General Assembly Dash SoloLearn edX Codecademy TechGumbo is a leading source for the technology that we use each day. Whether it’s discussing computer operating system tricks, the latest tips for your mobile phone, finding out about the newest gadgets, or letting you know about the best websites where you can learn how to code, TechGumbo has boundless topics on technology for the astute YouTube viewer.
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E. Katsaniotis

After Greek Army, I started with QBasic in QL, a computer brother of Spectrum, 2 Degrees, almost 2 Certificates, from GWBasic to Oracle Tech & IBM tech & Solaris Clusters, at almost 60s to CMS tech.

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