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Elementor is Wordpress leading page builder; it allows non coders to create websites with ease. SP Page Builder is Joomla's leading page builder for non coders. If you're looking to build your first website or need help deciding which one these to use, this video will break down the similarities and differences of the two. Entrepreneur advice, digital marketing strategy Playlist
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Bob Janes


ChronoForms v5 A New Simple Form


ChronoForms v5 Add a Captcha


Database Save for ChronoForms v5


CFv5 a basic Contact form

Posted On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:11 Written by

Famous Websites®

101 guide to using Crosstec's BreezingForms in Joomla version 3+. This guide starts at the beginning with hints on preparing your form going onto creating and proofing your first form. Prepare list of fields Create first form, the setup Adding fields to your page Adding a 'thank you' page Adding a link to your form to check Viewing your form on-site.

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Crosstec Support

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a simple multiple-page form using QuickMode. More info here:

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