Introducing JSN PageBuilder 4 - Next Generation Joomla Page Builder (2020)

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JSN PageBuilder 4 - Next Generation Joomla Page Builder. Come with lots of powerful features: - Works perfectly as a Joomla! editor at both side: front-end and back-end. - Intuitive visual composer with smooth drag and drop editor. - Redesigned architecture that supports a lot of 3rd-party Joomla extensions in the future.- - Works perfectly with Joomla article, Joomla Custom module, and extensions like K2 & Falang. - Powerful tracking feature that helps you track visitors' action on your website. - Improvement of UX design will boost your productivity. - More than 30 powerful elements that help you build any kind of website. - SEO optimization and high performance. - Backup & Restore Easily. - Unlimited Undo & Redo. - … and more... Download JSN PageBuilder 4 Now: Try Demo Now:
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