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Joomla is less popular compared with WordPress, and a little difficult. In this article are the main Characteristics of Joomla, maybe to be more. This is a fast picture of this CMS. It has less support but you can find whatever you need. On the other hand, Drupal is still more difficult from the three. Joomla has its characteristics as every CMS. It is a matter of choice, every CMS has friends, and at the end of the day, the important is to have done your work with love, because love gives quality. I am using Joomla for this site. So follow the Characteristics of Joomla in a list format.


Joomla is less easy comparing with WordPress

-- less easy 

some other characteristics of Joomla are:

It has a smaller portion on the market than WordPress

--- popular (5,2% CMS market)

It is free

--- Free

It is secure

--- Secure 

It includes Cache Functionality

--- Includes Cache functionality

It is proper for communities

--- proper for communities

some other characteristics of Joomla are:

It is written in PHP

--- written in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS (it uses MVC model)

Joomla has templates written in Bootstrap

--- templates using Bootstrap or other Frameworks of CSS

Comparing with WordPress, Joomla has fewer Plugins & Themes

--- it has less of free Plugins & Templates

Joomla does not use Child Themes, it uses Overwrites

--- it uses Overwrites for local template customization (so that to not overwritten from update)

It contains SEO technology

–- it uses URL configuration to create SEO URLs

some other characteristics of Joomla are:

Via .htaccess we can optimize, secure and add SEO functionality

-– it includes SEO functionality , Optimization & Security to edit .htaccess

Joomla has few sites hacked

–- Only 3% of sites hacked (2018)

Joomla, comparing with WordPress, has smaller Community Support

--- less  community support

It is mobile friendly

-- mobile-friendly

It has extensions

-- for webshops

-- Learning Management Systems (like our site)

-- and more


Characteristics of other CMS'

For WordPress

For Drupal


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