How To Create A Course Website Using Lifter LMS

In this video, I show you how to make a course website so you can start selling your own course. We will work with a free plugin called Lifter LMS, the Kadence Theme, and Elementor. I will show you how to create your first course, create a description, price, discount. We will talk about one-time payments, monthly or yearly subscriptions, recurring payments, and ways to create scarcity. I will show you how to add a featured image and promo video of your course. We will create a course syllabus using sections/modules and lessons to create a nice overview that helps the student to navigate through the course. We will create lesson pages, lesson videos, and lesson quizzes. We will create a second course and sell 2 courses as a bundle. We will create a landing page using Elementor and I will teach you how to create a converting landing page based on what I learn from great converting pages on the internet. I will also show you how you can let other people upload courses to your website so you can get a cut from every sale that is made through their courses.
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