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Our CMS Magazine focuses on WEB and CMS tech. Our LMS and Forum are going to concentrate on WordPress and Joomla CMS tech.

I made this site for all the people who are old horses that must be killed.  The people who want to work and they don't know how to learn, from where to start. They don't have time to search and not money to pay. Imagine a woman who stops the work for the small kits, an old horse like me, there are so many cases

CMS Magazine acts like a small radio station, that re-plays the songs of the bigger radio stations. I can not produce all this stuff, but I can select and offer it to you. I always inform you about the source and you can see more lessons from that source. So we present this FREE info also FREE.

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Dear friends, in the area of CMS Magazine, we have many articles from Web Tech. The majority is about the CMS area, and all are FREE. You can find tutorials on "How to create a specific site ", just use Easy Search or see our Site Map

Dear friends, in this area  , we are going to have Lessons from CMS Tech. These are about WordPress and Joomla. LMS Pro is under construction.

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