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Saturday, 22 February 2020 07:23

Gimp, Save For Web plugin in a Udemy FREE course


FREE Gimp Book + Save For Web plugin

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In 2009 I bought PhotoShop from an Internet e-shop. At that time I was in Greece. Then I learned that if someone brings PS from the US, or buys from the internet is not legal and he is going to pay a penalty. One PhotoGrapher had bought PS  from America, when they found him he paid a lot.  This is very bad you buy, you pay a penalty and you can not use it (PS). So I decided to learn an alternative software and this is GIMP.

As you know that a FREE alternative to PhotoShop is Gimp and Save For Web is a plugin of GIMP.  Gimp has many plugins, Themes, and other staff. A way to optimize an image in order for our site to be fast is to install the Save For Web Plugin and use it. This Lessons of Udemy offers all FREE.

Site of Gimp


See out PATH for GIMP 


In this PATH has the Tutorial about Save For WEB



At Udemy has a course about Gimp 2.8, it is FREE and includes (Gimp, Save For Web):

--- video lessons

--- the famous plugin Save For Web + Gimp version that works  (and other plugins), this plugin can be used to optimize images for Web

--- a book about GIMP.


I want to say that I am not affiliated with Udemy or the author. I am a student at Udemy, but I try to help the people who want a FREE solution for their work.

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