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Intro to 19 most important Characteristics of WordPress

This article includes the main Characteristics of WordPress. I publish 19 Characteristics but are more. The question is what is WP and why use it and what are its characteristics? What makes it so popular? What are its main elements? WordPress is the most popular CMS. Some of the main characteristics if a CMS are: a system that we are able to change very fast the info position, the template, to add or remove plugins (prebuild blocks of code), to develop and finish very fast the web application. A CMS is a fast solution and especially WP is very good for one Developed. easy to learn and maintain, wit a lot of FREE plugins, Themes, and very big Community support. 



The 19 Most Important Characteristics of WordPress are listed below:

It is FREE and Popular best characteristic of WordPress

--- Free & -- 60% of market

It is very easy to learn an excellent Characteristic of WordPress

--- Easy to learn and maintain

It is Secure

--- Secure (third party plugins have bugs)

It needs Cache Plugins (not build in functionality like Joomla or Drupal)

--- Needs Cache plugins

It is a fantastic choice for blogs one of the FREE best Blogs platforms

--- proper for blogs

I've met site with up to 40000 register users

--- a maximum number of users 38,000

Written in PHP

--- written in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS (uses the MVC model in the creation of widget),

some more WordPress characteristics are

it uses PHP procedural & its own Framework Language

--- most PHP code is Procedular and its own framework programming language

Template are using Bootstrap or other frameworks of CSS

--- templates using Bootstrap or other Frameworks of CSS

It uses a new editor Gutenberg and the Javascript Library React JS newest Characteristic of WordPress

-- new editor + Use React JS

some more Characteristics are:

It has a lot of plugins free and paid and a lot of Themes FREE or paid this characteristic means economy

--- it has a lot of free Plugins & Templates

It uses Child Themes, in order to not lose the local modification of your site

--- it uses Child Themes for local template customization (so that to not overwritten from update)

some other main Characteristics of WordPress are:

It uses SEO customizer

-- it uses permalinks for SEO optimization + plugins

It is light and cab easily optimized

– --it is light (fast)

We can optimize and secure by .htaccess and plugins

--- it is needed for SEO, Optimization & Security to edit .htaccess

some more Characteristics are:

A lot of sites have a Security problem because  of not updating or bad plugins are not secure

--- It has more than 80% sites hacked every year (not updated sites and bad plugins)

Very-Very big Community support this characteristic means for every problem we can have many solutions, articles, forums, online free and paid lessons

--- big community support

It is mobile-friendly (depends on Theme)

--- mobile-friendly

It has a very popular e-commerce solution



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