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MySQL vs. MariaDB - Key Differences & What to Choose (k2)

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In this sql tutorial video we'll show you a couple of key differences & similarities between the mysql server and its mariadb server counterpart. A MariaDB setup is one of the primary variations of MySQL server, but it doesn't come without its downsides and differences. This is what you will realize after watching this sql course. A MariaDB setup is fully compatible with MySQL server, it has additional storage engines unique to itself, and offers support for PHP, Python, Java, Perl, and other programming languages.


One of the main advantages of a MariaDB installation is its performance capabilities. Any MariaDB installation linux offers support for a high concurrent number of connections to itself without degrading performance, it is backwards compatible, has Galera Cluster technology built inside of itself, and also has an adaptive thread pool that creates new threads or terminates them if necessary.


However, if you're using a MariaDB installation, keep in mind that a MariaDB setup does have a smaller developer community around itself, some features working in MySQL server may not be supported in a MariaDB setup, and the functionality of some features available in its ecosystem may differ.


MySQL server installation has a larger user base, offers community support, is compatible with pretty much any programming language you can imagine, is very easy to use, and is frequently updated fixing bugs and releasing security patches. MySQL server installation has a wide range of tools that make work with the database management system easier, but it doesn't come without its downsides either.


Some MySQL features such as the MySQL Enterprise Firewall require you to purchase a commercial license and costs can add up quickly, and some argue that big data is a big achile's heel for MySQL server too. MySQL server can deal with bigger data sets, but only if it's been configured properly and if your data is adequately maintained. A MySQL server doesn't have an analytics-based engine either.


Keep in mind that it's very important to keep sql query optimization in mind and follow advice from a proper sql query tutorial to know how to write sql queries in the best way possible. Also keep in mind that the majority of sql interview questions and answers involve questions related to MySQL server and a MariaDB setup too! Some sql interview questions and general database interview questions can also be found below:


Q: Is mariadb installation difficult? A: No, mariadb installation linux or a mariadb windows setup isn't difficult at all! Just follow the guidance provided to you by MariaDB and you should be good to go. You can also follow this MariaDB tutorial if you're unsure whether you should choose MySQL server or a mariadb ubuntu installation. Q: What is database normalization? A: Database normalization is the process to eliminate redundant data and enhance data integrity in a database. Q: What are the types of database normalization? A: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, and BCNF or 4NF.


Q: What are some of the main database slowness reasons? A: We've already made a video on this, but the main database slowness reasons are as follows: 1. Selecting too much data 2. Selecting unnecessary data 3. Scanning through many unnecessary rows To reduce slow sql queries, make sure to use sql indexes. Q: How dangerous is SQL injection? How to protect our web applications against it? A: SQL injection is one of the most dangerous attacks directed at databases and web applications. To protect against SQL injection don't forward user input to SQL queries.

Some of the content shared in this video is from Percona, some of it from personal expertise, some from elsewhere. Enjoy!

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