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Watch this webinar on an introduction to Drupal, hosted by Stanley Fernandes, Arisen Fernandes, and Jose D'Silva.
The webinar will help you to improve your Drupal skills on how to create content types, page views, block views, and contact forms.
Session by: Stanley Fernandes Software Engineer SJ Innovation LLC linkedin.com/in/stanley-fernandes-ab7b59155 Arisen Fernandes Team Lead, SJ Innovation LLC linkedin.com/in/arisen-fernandes-41699351 Jose D'Silva Sr. Software Engineer, SJ Innovation LLC linkedin.com/in/jose-d-silva-808a37166 Want to learn more about Drupal?
Watch our video series on drupal: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf...
want to know more about us: https://sjinnovation.com/
Our Drupal services include: Website Maintenance Upgrade to Drupal 7 Module customization Theme Customization Responsive theme Manage Multi-Vendor Drupal Commerce, Ubercart https://www.drupal.org/node/2926091/u...
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