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Learning Systems (LMS)

Learning Systems (LMS) (19)

This is the LMS subcategory, it contains info about Learning Management Systems


Introduction to Budget LMS'

For a few months, I have researched the market, in order to find a budget LMS. So below are the results of my study. There are LMS like Moodle who are free. And also LMS' that are extensions or plugins to popular CMS' like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. In this article, I 'll provide info about Moodle, Joomla, and WordPress Budget LMS'.

Moodle a FREE LMS

Go for moodle If you want to teach and not for a paid course, you can receive payments with a plugin (I think Paypal), if you want a budget LMS the easiest is to go with WordPress.

But If you already have Moodle and you want to make better the way of payment you must use WordPress or even Joomla. With WordPress, there are some solutions, the most used is the Edwiser Bridge. See the below video:

Site of Moodle

There are two budget LMS extensions using Joomla:

The first is   (it includes payment ways and cart), the Sp LMS.

Sp LMS follow the link

Sp LMS   

The second Budget LMS is  OScampus:

It has not a cart is good for paid memberships site, and is ok. Our site is built on this plugin:

OScampus doc follow the link 



Other Budget or not Budget LMS' based on Joomla

It follows the article for Best Joomla LMS'

There are also two budget solutions using WordPress:

Are LearnPress and WPLMS (for a lot of people the second has better support)


For WPLMS Themeforest online market  follow the link                              For WPLMS  home follow the link



For WPLMS  see 


About LearnrPress

For Learnpress follow the link:                                                                For Learnpress home follow the link



Other LMS' based on WordPress

It follows the article for  Best WordPress LMS'

Do not forget to see  Part II of Budget LMS'

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