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For PHP programmers


Abstract to programming Languages

There are a lot of types of languages

At the very beginning of my studies, we were writing assembly language which is a low-level language. (around 1983)

We were using COBOL, which is a human-like programming language, after the appearance of Databases, like Oracle, we were able to write in PRO*COBOL. The last speak with databases.

We have a language with Compiler, he creates assembly from the language. For example from C human writer source, we create an assembly file, this file is our binary program.

We have a language with Interpreter, he is the layer that makes the source, human-written code, to communicate with the computer. Languages with an interpreter are Java, PHP, 

We have 4th generation languages, that are with Forms & Reports GUI and sit on the top of o Database like Oracle.

After the explosion of WEB, we have languages, frameworks and CMS's


Speaking about PHP Family 

The site of PHP

When we write a program with PHP, we can write:

  • in vanilla PHP (it means using the language as it is)
  • using a PHP framework (it means a set of commands that summarize the functionality) like, CodeIgniter, Laravel e.t.c.
  • using a PHP CMS like WP, Joomla, Drupal e.t.c ( it means using prebuild blocks of code, or even first write the blocks)

If we write in this language, we must have libraries written to speed the procedure, but in general, it is more difficult and time-consuming.

When we use a PHP framework, it is faster and easier. The fastest and easiest framework is Codeigniter, it uses MVC (Model View Controler) model and it is Object Oriented.  If you work alone or you are two programmers go with CI.

WordPress is a framework, a blog platform, and a CMS, it is the easiest the fastest to write code and it is the most popular CMS, it has blocks of code-named plugins. Joomla has triggers and extensions, it is more difficult than WP. Drupal is the most secure and difficult.


Comparison of CodeIgniter PHP Framework with WordPress PHP Framework


Similarities of WP and CI, as frameworks are:

  • both are easy
  • you can build fast the code

Differences are:

  • CI includes Cache functionality, WP not
  • CI uses the MVC model, it is OOP
 There is a question, why to spend time with PHP and Frameworks, and not write all code with a CMS?

Someone can give many answers, I'll give a few reasons:

  • Speed of loading the site
  • Customization (to write a custom app)
  • Security (you write the code, can be more secure)



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